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Towards the Integration of Cybersecurity Risk Assessment into Model-based Requirements Engineering

Communication lors de la 29e édition de l'IEEE 2021

2022-06-01 14:38:38 +0200 CEST
[Model-Based Systems Engineering, Security requirements, Risk assessment, System and security co-engineering]

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Machine Learning and Visualization tools for Cyberattack Detection

Communication lors du congrès RESSI 2022 : Rendez-vous de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information.

2022-05-10 10:10:29 +0200 CEST
[Machine Learning, cybersecurity, classification, visualization, data representation]

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HoS-ML: Socio-Technical System ADL Dedicated to Human Vulnerability Identification

Communication lors de 26th International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems ( ICECCS 2022)

2022-03-26 10:15:30 +0200 +0200
[cybersecurity, human models, Human vulnerability, sociotechnical systems]

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Towards modeling of naval systems interdependencies for cybersecurity

Communication dans le cadre du congrès OCEANS 2021 à San Diego

2021-09-20 10:06:19 +0200 CEST
[Naval systems dependencies, cybersecurity, information technology, operational technology, graph representation]

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Obérisk: Cybersecurity Requirements Elicitation through Agile Remote or Face-to-Face Risk Management Brainstorming Sessions

2021-08-27 14:17:36 +0200 CEST
[risk management; EBIOS; face-to-face; brainstorming; inter/cross-disciplinary; obeya; posters; sticky notes; cybersecurity requirements; naval/ship use case]

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Impact Assessment of Anomaly Propagation in a Naval Water Distribution Cyber-Physical System

Communication lors du congrès CSR 2021: IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience

2021-07-26 10:01:19 +0200 CEST

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Statistical Measurement of Production Environment Influence on Code Reuse Availability

Communication pour le congrès SECURWARE 2019

2019-10-27 17:11:22 +0200 +0200
[Code-reuse exploits, ROP, Return-Oriented-Programming]

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Hierarchical majority-rule sorting models for temporal multi-criteria decision aiding

Communication pour le congrès ROADEF 2019

2019-02-19 17:05:07 +0200 +0200
[multi-criteria decision aiding, sorting, outranking relation, mixed-integer programming, times series]

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The Challenge of Quality Evaluation in Fraud Detection

Papier publié dans Journal of data and information quality

2018-09-07 16:59:26 +0200 CEST
[Fraud life cycle, Cumulative indicators, Context, Data analytics, Quality meta-analysis]

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Analysis of Quality Measurements to Categorize Anomalies in Sensor Systems

Communication dans le congrès 'Computing 2017 : Science and Information Conference'

2017-07-18 16:44:45 +0200 CEST
[Sensor, Anomaly categorization, Data quality, Information quality, Cyber-physical system]

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Generating data sets as inputs of reference for cyber security issues and industrial control systems

Communication au congrès RCIS 2017

2017-05-10 16:26:43 +0200 CEST
[Marine vehicles, Context, Engines, Integrated circuits, Automata, Computer security]

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Somewhat/Fully Homomorphic Encryption: Implementation Progresses and Challenges

Communication lors du congrès C2SI 2017 : 2nd International Conference on Codes, Cryptology and Information Security

2017-04-10 15:33:09 +0200 CEST
[Homomorphic encryption, Implementation]

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Monitoring Approach of Cyber-physical Systems by Quality Measures

Communication à S-CUBE 2016 : 7th International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software

2016-12-31 14:23:30 +0200 +0200
[#Monitoring #sensor #data #system #network]

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Survey and analysis of DNS infrastructures

Rapport de recherche effectué dans le cadre de REDOCS 2016 (Rencontres Entreprises DOCtorants Sécurité)

2016-06-01 10:22:09 +0200 CEST
[DNS, infrastructure]